Forthcoming Release

My CD of the Polonaises and Fugues by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, played on a Lindholm clavichord dated 1780, is scheduled for release at the end of April 2007 on the London Independent Records label (LIR014). To order, or for further information, contact me direct or go to the London Independent Records website:

Please find here listed details of recordings made by Paul Simmonds in three sections: Recordings, Trio Basiliensis and Duo Basiliensis

To order CDs please get in touch - details on the contact page. Audio samples from the CDs are available here in MP3 and Quicktime formats.

Solo Recordings

"Pour ung Plaisier"

Renaissance Keyboard Music on the Clavichord


"I've nothing but praise for this programme and playing"
Early Music Review

"Many of the sounds Paul Simmonds conjures out of this instrument are truly magical: the contents of this CD live up well to its title."
British Clavichord Society Newsletter

CD - Pour ung plaisir
Hans Buchner - La spania in re

Keyboard Sonatas by Ernst Wilhelm Wolf


Award winner! This CD was awarded the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik as one of the artistically outstanding new releases for the fourth quarter of 1997

" ... an enterprising and admirable disc. "
Early Music Review

"This is certainly one of the finest clavichord discs issued in recent years"
Clavichord International

"This Cd is admirable from every point of view and is my favourite clavichord recording. Paul Simmonds is a virtuoso performer first, conveying zest and excitement in his skills, scrupulous scholar next."
Classical Music on the Web

"La maîtrise avec laquelle Paul Simmonds joue des plus infimes nuances est étonnante: harmonisant subtilement les effets d'une agogique parfaitement contrôlée et adaptée aux possibilités dynamique de l'instrument"
Magazin d'Orgue

CD - Ernst Wilhelm Wolf Keyboard Sonatas
Sonata in C minor

German Music for Clavichord



"... this CD sounds very special
Early Music Review

"... an outstanding clavichord recording. Simmonds plays with great authority as well as sensitivity, so that the relatively diminutive sound of the clavichord never minaturises the music. Clavichord recordings are a rare species. This one is to be treasured."
Musical Times

"... an outstanding recital of keyboard music. Each track is a revelation"
Early Music News

"Simmonds is certainly a convincing advocate of both music and instrument"
Early Music

"Paul Simmonds spielt sehr sensibel und farbenreich. Kennern und Liebhabern nachdrücklich empfohlen"
Alte Musik Aktuell

" ... une parfaite illustration du clavichorde, qui trouve en Paul Simmonds un remarquable défenseur"
Magazin d'orgue

CD - German Music for Clavichord
Buxtehude: Prealudium G-minor

Trio Basiliensis Recordings

"Concerning Babell & Son"

Music composed, arranged and collected by Charles & William Babell


"Gems of 'real' recorder music"
The Recorder magazine

"This is a well-planned and varied concert of music from the Purcell/Handel hinterland ... If the first three notes don't make you sit up with a start you have the most unshockable ears in early music! ... The Babells had, and the Trio Basiliensis have, excellent taste. This is much more than mere Tafelmusik."
Early Music Review

"... wirklich meisterhaft, erfrischend und sehr differenzier"
Intrada (CH)

CD - Concerning Babell & Son
Charles Rosier -
Sonata in G minor

Chamber music with Recorder



"The Leclair Sonata is particularly stylish and technically fluent, while Morel's Chaconne en trio is played with great poise and control ... a satisfying sense of style in which maturity and authority prevail."
Early Music

"... all three musicians deserve special commendation for an extraordinary adaptability that overshadows even their obvious technical proficiency. Recommended"
Fanfare18 (USA)

" ... a thoroughly enjoyable disc; a voyage of discovery to be taken by all, and one I shall take many times"
The Recorder Magazine

" großem stilistischen Einfühlungsvermögen und selbstverständlicher technischer Perfektion... eine Einspielung für Liebhaber der unprätentiösen intimen Kammermusik "
Fono Forum

CD - Chamber music with Recorder
Jean-Marie Leclair - Sonate VIII à Trois

Duo Basiliensis Recordings

Music by Eminent Masters

Wealden Prestige WS 231

Collectors' item, on LP format only. Price £5 plus postage and packing.

For more details contact Paul Simmonds

"Auf nachgebauten Instrumenten spielend wirken die beiden Musiker ebenso präzise wie fantasievoll, und obendrein quicklebendig. (Both musicians perform on close historical copies with precision and fantasy and with liveliness into the bargain.)"
Luzerner Neuste Nachrichten

"Die Interpretationen erfüllen hohe Ansprüche in Bezug auf handwerkliche Brillanz, Präzision des Zusammenspiels und stilistische Einfühlung. Lebendig und plastisch wirkt das Musizieren ingesamt (The interpreters achieve high standards with regard to technical brilliance, ensemble precision and stylistic empathy. Lively and flexible music-making overall.)"
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

LP - Music by Eminent masters